PTI Karachi candidates for Elections 2018 are worth considering !

An activist on Facebook has taken a good look at what PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf) is doing for Karachi in the name of choosing candidates for coming Elections 2018.

Kashif Naseer, who has been writing on a variety of topics on popular social media platforms FaceBook and Twitter, wrote an eye-opening status walking us all through what PTI's current elections strategy for the port city is all about: gain maximum number of votes regardless of whether the candidate the party is betting on are accepted by Karachiites or not.

The PTI candidate from NA 253, Mohammad Ashraf Jabbar Qureshi is one such example according to Kashif Naseer. "The candidate is known for land-grabbing and other fraudulent activities"

PTI candidate for NA 253 Karachi: Muhammad Jabbar Qureshi is known for landgrabbing, a social media writer investigates

PTI has successfully projected itself, at least to its followers and voters, as the only party that wants "justice" for every citizen, but choosing candidates who are despised by people for their unlawful activities. It hurts to see a party that was founded on the core principals of "Justice" and "Human Rights" now resorting to the same dodgy tactics used by rivals like PPP and PML N.

PTI's win-at-any-cost mindset is forcing it to rely on anyone capable of "pulling the votes"

Gone are the days when "insaaf" was at the heart of PTI's overall political strategy. Old activists have been sidelined as the party needed winnable heavyweights from rival factions in order to sweep elections.