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Pension issues for expats in UAE - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Research MethodologyThe research will be based on the answers provided by the employees of BTN Company and different articles that discuss the problem of expat retention in UAE. Basic methods that are applicable here are designed to find answers to the problems imposed by the lack of federal pension system in the UAE. Let us prepare a survey to be used to find out about what people think about their current job and what are their expectations in the future regarding this job. Different methods can be used in the study of finding the effect of the lack of federal pension system in UAE. The major effect that can be seen through both qualitative and quantitative methods is that people like to quickly switch jobs in the country because they do not feel much associated with their relative companies due to a lack of long term attachment system. Research methodology defines the important methods and ideas that are implemented when looking to perform a research over a known topic (C…

Pension issues for expats in UAE - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Literature Review2.1. Pension Systems in UAEThe absence of a pension policy is now under serious discussion at all the important forums in UAE. The Federal National Council of the country is responsible for advising on new laws and programs for people. There have been many active debates in the council of the topic of retirement and pensions. There has been a lot of sound support for pension schemes. Currently, different private firms provide gratuity funds in the UAE which deliver onetime payment to an employee who is retiring from the fund. There is a lot of room for improvement and enhancement in this regard. The pension schemes must also be available for both nationals as well as expatriates as the economy of UAE is run and fuelled by millions of expatriates working away from home countries for the development and running of United Arab Emirates. A state run fund is necessary for the country just as it is found in most countries around the world. UAE pays high salaries …

Pension issues for expats in UAE - Chapter 1

* Below is a detailed research study on pension issues in the UAE where expats come in large numbers for work throughout the year, but often feel discouraged due to absence of solid pension plans. However, in recent few months, the gulf states have started considering coming up with pension plans for expats

Chapter 1: Introduction The United Arab Emirates, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the 12th most competitive nation globally for 2014-2015, which puts the country ahead of all the Middle East and North African (MENA) countries (Wilson, 2014). The UAE is a popular destination for expats and has become an “expats paradise” due to the high salary levels and the zero tax policy. According to the UAE National Bureau of Statistics, UAE’s population has reached 8.2 million in 2011 and the expats account for 88.5% of it. However, the UAE does not offer to its expatriate population any federal pension scheme or retirement plan, this is unlike the other job markets around the wor…

Market Segmentation: A case study of Saturn

Gaining a foothold in a highly competitive market is not possible without a solid marketing strategy and this is where segmentation becomes the key aspect for any successful business.

Saturn, a subsidiary of GM which ended its operations in October 2010, is a good case study when it comes to implementation of "market segmentation". The Saturn Corporation employed its market segmentation in way that it successfully managed to win over customers during its lifespan.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Recommend GM your own market segmentation, targeting and positioning ideas

What segmentation, targeting, and positioning recommendations would you make to GM for future Saturn models? Segmentation recommendations: GM should work more on providing high quality luxury cars for its high end customers. These customers are loyal to the GM brand and this market segment should be given more importance. These luxury models should also be improved by offering more options for sports accessories as well provide various style options.
Targeting recommendations: GM should move ahead from targeting the mid income market and move towards both the high end customers as well as low income customers. The company profits will definitely improve if the market segmentation and targeting improves and covers different groups of people with different ages and social positions. The company should add more options of comfort, style and sports in its car models to increase its loyal fan base.
Positioning recommendations: GM must create their own brand name effectively by targeting not only…

What Market Segment Saturn Targeted and How GM positioned it?

* Note: Saturn, a subsidiary of GM established in 1985, ceased its operations in October 2010. 
What segment(s) is Saturn now targeting? How is GM now positioning Saturn? How do these strategies differ from those employed with the original Saturn S-series? Targeting : The company is targeting various customers. These customers include high quality imported car users as well as mid-level income people. The company also targeted its loyal customers to change models. It targeted the youth with compacts, roadsters and sedans. The company also produces luxury SUVs to target people who only have an eye for class and luxury travelling.
Positioning: The company is set up to offer a new brand by introducing European Opel. GM also constantly attracts people who want to buy imported models. The company has also positioned itself in sports car market by introducing two models of roadster and sports sedan. The brand is now shifting to provide higher quality vehicles that are more costly yet provide bet…

Case Study Saturn: How GM has segmented the automobile market?

Using full spectrum of segmentation variables, we will see how GM has segmented the automobile market
GM is a company that produces a lot of car models which are directed towards various segments of the market. A complete structural breakdown is discussed below that provides detailed information about GM’s market segmentation.
Demographic Segmentation: If one arranges market segments on a demographic basis, they find that the company basically targets young to middle age customers. It does not distinguish between the gender of its audience and targets both male and female users. The Saturn models are designed to provide a life cycle of vehicles that can follow the history of young people who may be married or not. This means that Saturn models start from compacts and gradually increase in size to offer SUVs for large families. The company targets people with low income as most models are cheaper than the competition and designed to provide people with good experience. Saturn models are a…

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