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Pension issues for expats in UAE - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

The research will be based on the answers provided by the employees of BTN Company and different articles that discuss the problem of expat retention in UAE. Basic methods that are applicable here are designed to find answers to the problems imposed by the lack of federal pension system in the UAE. Let us prepare a survey to be used to find out about what people think about their current job and what are their expectations in the future regarding this job. Different methods can be used in the study of finding the effect of the lack of federal pension system in UAE. The major effect that can be seen through both qualitative and quantitative methods is that people like to quickly switch jobs in the country because they do not feel much associated with their relative companies due to a lack of long term attachment system.
Research methodology defines the important methods and ideas that are implemented when looking to perform a research over a known topic (Collis & Hussey, 2003). The research methodology is an important tool which describes the ideal methods for evaluating key solutions against research problems. 
The problem of lack of a federal pension is quite evident and clear in UAE. It is a perfect problem to apply research principles and find what can be done in order to study the problem and find appropriate solutions for it (Hair et al., 2007). 
There are two basic kinds of search methods that are used to do research in all kinds of fields. These two methods are simply qualitative and quantitative research methods. The different methods that are going to be used for finding critical data for analysis in this research are briefly explained below.

3.1. Quantitative Methods

This method attempts to take the opinion of people who are already working at BTN Company. An appropriate method is of surveys where the questions are clear and do not force the persons who fill out the surveys to take a side. A survey must be created in a way as to keep it free from prejudice. The survey must also be designed to provide real help and always provide answers to the different aspects of our research problem. 
Surveys provide quantitative information even if they do not contain a question regarding numbers (Saunders et al., 2009). This is due to the fact that they produce multiple data sets which can be analysed to find similar trends within the employees of the BTN organization. Questionnaires are also an effective method of surveying and can be used at multiple organizations to find employee data and relate its trends to the general problems found in UAE.

3.2. Qualitative Methods

Research can also be done through the means of qualitative methods. These methods include interviews, reviewing articles and doing other such activities. Such activities provide high quality information from relevant sources that are directly affected by the lack of pension system in the country (Cassel & Symon, 2004). Qualitative methods provide a lot of different perspectives of people about a topic and such methods are used to find the aspirations of people as used by the YouGov and survey (Bayt & YouGov, 2013). Such surveys are quite important as they provide the real data that is present in the field of operations.


3.3. Research Suggestions

There are many improvements that can be made in various fields that will improve the association of employees with their organizations. This will positively impact employee retention and will also ensure that employees are happy with their current position and they believe that their situation will gradually improve due to a working system that is in place to take care of all their needs which includes old age benefits. These benefits are extremely necessary in order to create goodwill among employees and make sure that motivated employees are separated from greedy employees who are only working with inspiration from monetary benefits of an organization. 
A secure future gives a lot of confidence to employees and they are then willing to work at lower salaries if their future career growth is guaranteed (Terry & White, 1997: 160-175). This means that the company should place an independent retirement scheme at the organization which must be voluntary so the employees do not feel that they are enforced into a deal with the organization. Employees themselves will work better in such an environment and most of them will opt for the retirement schemes. Such schemes however can only work at the level of an organization as currently no federal support is available for transfer of employee from one organization to another so a private scheme will provide extra motivation to the employees of BTN Company and will also not increase costs incurred by the company a great deal as the company will save its costs in terms of training and development of employees because retention rate will directly increase due to setting up of such a scheme (Guillon & Cezanne, 2014: 839-850).
There are also multiple steps that the human resource depart can do to improve employee retention. Career development paths and strategies must be developed at the organization and each employee must be clearly communicated his or her chances of moving ahead in the company in terms of goals and achievements. Such goals will clearly encourage employees to work better and increase the productivity of the organization. 
In UAE, most employees want a clear career path so that they can know about their future growth as well as the monetary benefits that they can achieve in a certain number of years (Emirates News, 2014). BTN Company will be improving the perception of employees a great deal through the methods that are described above for employee motivation and retention. Such steps will conserve the growth of the company and will allow it to expand as employees will leave less while more will join and the company will be able to undertake more projects on a continuous basis.


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