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What Market Segment Saturn Targeted and How GM positioned it?

* Note: Saturn, a subsidiary of GM established in 1985, ceased its operations in October 2010. 

What segment(s) is Saturn now targeting? How is GM now positioning Saturn? How do these strategies differ from those employed with the original Saturn S-series?
Targeting :
The company is targeting various customers. These customers include high quality imported car users as well as mid-level income people. The company also targeted its loyal customers to change models. It targeted the youth with compacts, roadsters and sedans. The company also produces luxury SUVs to target people who only have an eye for class and luxury travelling.

The company is set up to offer a new brand by introducing European Opel. GM also constantly attracts people who want to buy imported models. The company has also positioned itself in sports car market by introducing two models of roadster and sports sedan. The brand is now shifting to provide higher quality vehicles that are more costly yet provide better services.

How do these strategies differ from those employed with the original Saturn S-series?
The company is now offering two lines by the name of red and green line. The red line is designed to provide the improved Opel Astra and will take the place of Ion model. The green line is designed to offer car models completely based on hybrid technology which are offered at the most cheapest rates in the region.


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