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Gain spiritual protection to achieve material goals

Spiritual protection is very important when it comes to building your dream life. When you dream big, it becomes crucial for you to protect those dreams in order for you to work toward them and actually achieve them.

Dreams, ideas and a desire for a successful life happen on mental or spiritual plane and this is where protection becomes the most important aspect. We know there are negative entities, evil eye, negative thoughts travelling from people to people.

How to gain the upper hand?

Surrendering to a "power" or entity that is more powerful than blockages, challenges and any issue that is stopping your growth. When it comes to power, what can be more powerful than the Creator of everything? Even if you don't believe in God, you cannot deny the fact that everything existing in the universe is working in harmony and is following strict laws and guidelines (universal laws). So it makes logical sense to surrender to One Source that is holding and functioning everything.

Use the gift of free will
You have free will, which means you have power to choose your thoughts. You can place your attention on any thought you want. If you think positive thoughts most of the times, your circumstances will start changing positively as these good thoughts become your habitual thinking patterns. Similarly, negative thoughts will manifest negative results. So, use your free will cautiously and sensibly.

Your conscious control gets taken away for a while
When we are not on guard and weak on the spiritual front, our conscious control or free will is snatched from us temporarily and it seems like we have no choice but to accept failure and misery. On spiritual plane, demons, negative entities bent on stifle human growth and perfection, human suggestions driven by ego and evil intent are some of the most common aspects that hijack our conscious mind and distract us from focusing on our goals and desires.

What happens when conscious control is hijacked (although temporarily)
1) You lose your ability focus on your goals. Remember, in order to achieve a goal you need to focus on that desire. You cannot drive a car without being mentally present.
2) Since your focus is now hijacked, you have to use extra mental force to make you want to focus on your goals, which eats a lot of energy away from you.
3) You lose confidence
4) You become hyper sensitive and gets frustrated
5) You lose patience
6) Your self-image gets shaken as negative entities makes it difficult for you to survive in that area (the area of where you want success). *You must have seen unsuccessful people. They are very egoistic and are not willing to accept responsibility.

Some of the common enemies that take away your spiritual energy

Evil eye
Evil eye is something to be wary of at all times. People transmit evil eye to others all the time. When we look at something with intense emotions,

Jealous people
Jealous people are a blessing in disguise as they tell you you are someone to be jealous of because you are blessed with the things that many people are not. So a jealous person needs sympathy, but at the same time they alert you by expressing their disgust/dislike/hate for you.

People with competitive mindset
Today's world is now operating on ego and you will find people who love to compete others in every area. just to please their ego. Such people are a real danger for your material success as they will keep sending you negative, emotionally-charged intentions that "they are better than you and you must remain below average."


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